Rachel Weintraub’s Consulting Services include:


Creating short and long-term development plans, timelines, and gift pyramids that project and measure fundraising goals and outcomes

Guiding the implementation of development plan actions

Formulating individual donor and foundation prospect lists based on organization’s internal and external resources

Identifying Board member, individual, and foundation prospects where an appropriate match exists between the prospective donor and the organization’s mission

Providing research profiles and pertinent background information on prospective board members, individual donors, and foundation donors

Designing recruitment and mapping of individual cultivation and “asking” strategies for Board member and individual donor prospects, including designation of materials to present at cultivation and solicitation meetings

Accompanying Executive leaders & Board directors to recruitment and solicitation meetings with prospective board members and individual donors, when appropriate

Creating high-dollar major donor groups, setting criteria, fundraising requirements and benefits for the membership, in concert with Board and Executive leadership

Structuring and directing successful cultivation and fundraising events and donor trips that are related specifically to organization’s location and mission

Identifying opportunities to capitalize on significant organizational anniversaries

Devising plans for fundraising appeals and outreach materials including quarterly and year-end letters, annual reports, and website content

Advising on strategic communications and outreach to assist organizations with profile-building efforts

Advising on creation, description, and composition of Advisory Councils

Counselling on best approaches to foundations and other institutional funders

Giving strategic advice on foundation grant proposals, reports, and budgets

Providing comprehensive edits on foundation proposals and donor correspondence

Mentoring and training executive and development staff regarding fundraising principles and practices and the “how-to’s” of fundraising


Conducting in-depth Board Development & Planning Studies including one-on-one interviews with board members and other stakeholders

Creating profiles for prospective new Board members, taking into account Study interview findings

Advising Executive Leadership on recruitment strategies for new Board members

Leading Board facilitation sessions based on Study interviews, analysis, and recommendations

Training Board and staff members on governance, fundraising principles and practices

Stewarding Board Directors and Trustees on fundraising initiatives

Assisting Executive leaders and Board directors in formalizing board member Criteria, Roles & Responsibilities with emphasis on fundraising

Advising on Board leadership structure, positions and committee structure

Setting agendas for and directing Board Development Committee meetings

Creating, revising and amending Board By-Laws, Board Terms of Reference, Conflict of Interest Policies, and Reserve Fund Policies

Drafting and amending Board Manuals

Training Board directors on the “how-to’s” of fundraising and recruitment of new donors


Coaching Executive Leadership on a broad range of capacity-building issues

Advising on plans for growth by creating organizational charts with reporting relationships, thereby facilitating important staff re-structuring and expansion

Conducting Executive and Development job searches including writing position descriptions, recruiting, creating interview questionnaires, conducting interviews, and advising on all aspects of hiring and evaluation procedures for executive director, development director, and other development department positions

Creating work plans for and training incoming Development Directors and other development department positions


Spearheading capital campaign feasibility studies, plans of action, and working committees to insure campaign success

Conducting Strategic Plans with special emphasis on fundraising plans that reflect organization’s mission, vision, and theory of change

Coaching Executive leadership, development staff, board directors and other organizational partners and stakeholders on issues pertaining to strategic planning

Providing strategic communications guidance for organizational website content to align with mission and vision