Women’s Link Worldwide
(Bogota & Madrid)

As Board Development & Fundraising Counsel to Women’s Link Worldwide (2009-2016), an international human rights organization that promotes gender equality through the development and strategic implementation of human rights laws worldwide, Rachel conducted a Board Development & Planning Study to assist Women’s Link Worldwide with its institutional development efforts through board development and training and the creation of an individual donor fundraising program. After conducting twenty-five personal interviews with international board and staff members, foundation funders, consultants, and colleague organizations, Rachel’s findings resulted in recommendations pertaining to board criteria roles & responsibilities, governance procedures, fundraising requirements and goals, leadership structure, and recruitment of new members. 

Rachel’s continued work with Women’s Link has involved implementation of Study recommendations; initiation of an individual fundraising program; creating prospecting and fundraising strategies for individual donors in key cities; editing grant reports and proposals to major foundation sources; designing and presenting development presentations to the Board; leading formal training sessions for executive, development and communications staff and international board members regarding fundraising principles and practices; mentoring Development Officer on an ongoing basis; participating in organization’s strategic planning process, budgeting and growth discussions; advising on organization’s re-structuring and new job descriptions for leadership and development-related positions; guiding plans for the creation of major donor group called the “Circulo de Justicia”; crafting amendments to board by-laws, reserve fund policy, board meeting agendas, and financial presentations; and drafting position descriptions for Development Director and Development Associate positions, and a work plan for the first year of Development Director’s tenure.