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Rachel Weintraub Consulting


Rachel Weintraub Consulting


RACHEL WEINTRAUB CONSULTING has been counseling non-profit institutions and the philanthropists who fund them on issues pertaining to fundraising, board development, organizational development, and strategic planning since 2005.

Principal, Rachel Weintraub, has 30 years of experience serving the non-profit sector primarily in the areas of international human rights, women’s reproductive health and rights, and the arts and cultural exchange. She has worked closely with organizational leadership, trustees, and donors in the United States, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Rachel Weintraub Consulting’s work assists non-profit institutions in creating, structuring, sustaining, and strengthening their capacity-building efforts as organizations grow to meet their potential.

Where Rachel Weintraub Consulting Works...

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Rachel Weintraub brings an objective perspective to each client, custom-designs consultancies to focus on each organization’s specific needs, and tailors the scope of work with the aspects of expertise she thinks will prove most useful to an organization’s overall strategic goals and objectives and desired growth trajectory.

Rachel Weintraub's work results in the creation and implementation of systematic and successful fundraising programs; professionalization and training of leadership staff, Boards of Directors and other stakeholders; fulfillment of appropriate staff structures for a successful and sustainable overall operation; and diversification of the organizations’ funding streams in order to meet each group’s mission and vision.

RACHEL WEINTRAUB CONSULTING has offices in New York City and Northern California.