About the work of Rachel Weintraub Consulting:

"Rachel’s enthusiasm and organizational abilities are unparalleled. Her passion for the arts is reflected in the high quality of her work. She has a strong sense of how to conceive strategy and then a total willingness to do the work to realize it, get it done, follow through. It has been a real pleasure working with her."

— Valerie Rockefeller Wayne
Board of Trustees, Asian Cultural Council
Chair, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

"Rachel Weintraub gave a major boost to the Asian Cultural Council's efforts to raise its public profile and create a cohesive development plan.  Drawing on her substantial experience, she helped set the ACC on a new course and guided us in establishing the Chairman's Circle, a successful new donor initiative. Her work is always undertaken with great professionalism and care."

— Ralph Samuelson
Director, Asian Cultural Council, 1991-2008

"I have experienced Rachel Weintraub's work as a Board Development consultant through my involvement first with Women's Link Worldwide and with SAAF, on whose boards I serve, and more recently with my own organization IPPF/WHR. Rachel's dedication to her clients, her thorough methodology, and her meeting presentations exhibit her commitment to our mission; her wisdom in working successfully with both internal and external stakeholders; and her drive in always steering board development, recruitment, and fundraising actions forward.  I am grateful to Rachel for sharing her insights in such open, graceful, and directional ways."

Giselle Carino, CEO & IPPF Regional Director      
International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR)     

"I very much appreciate all the work Rachel Weintraub has done for Women’s Link over the past seven years. I have learned a ton working with her. Rachel has generously shared her expertise, intelligence, hard work, and dedication to help transform our organization at a critical time of growth. She has been key in professionalizing the board and in teaching both the board and staff members about diversifying funding streams and building an individual donor base. Furthermore, she has worked with us to get the systems in place to make this possible. Her experience allows her to focus on different aspects of the organization and management in order to provide the assistance that is needed when it is needed. Rachel has the ability to understand the needs of the organization and has combined this understanding with her commitment to human rights in order to help prepare and assist Women’s Link Worldwide in becoming a fully sustainable and healthy organization."

Viviana Waisman, co-founder, President & CEO
Women’s Link Worldwide

"Rachel provided thoughtful and strategic advice on how to improve the functioning of the Board of Directors of the Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF). She thoroughly understood the needs of SAAF and made excellent recommendations. It was a delight working with her: she is professional, reliable and very enthusiastic about her work!"

Andre Deponti, Senior Programme Adviser, Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)        

"Rachel Weintraub provided expert valuable guidance to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) over the course of five years and two Executive Directors.  In my own role, I am tremendously grateful for both the professional and personal support I received from Rachel as I transitioned from the Deputy Director to Executive Director.  Rachel was a member of the Executive Transition team and was instrumental in our 5-year Strategic Planning process.  She served on my ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ of key advisors during the first 12 months of my tenure, where she was a sounding board during institutional growth and change. Rachel also led efforts to assess and improve the functioning of the Board of Directors and spearheaded our successful search for a Director of Development, liaising between the recruiter and NLIRH leadership, providing guidance every step of the way.  Rachel is thoughtful, tactical and accessible. She also demonstrates a true commitment and compassion for social justice causes with a deep expertise in fundraising and development, making her a wonderful consultant to work with. I am so appreciative of Rachel’s dedication to NLIRH and her critical role in our tremendous success."

— Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director, 2011 to present     
Deputy Director, 2008-2011, 
Director of Policy and Advocacy, 2006-2008     
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health     

"It has been a pleasure working with Rachel Weintraub. The support, coaching, mentoring, feedback and above all encouragement she has provided to me personally, and to Hirondelle USA, have been invaluable. Rachel helped me gain not only skills but confidence in my role as Executive Director, and I am extremely grateful."

— Anne Bennett
Board President, formerly
Executive Director
Hirondelle USA

“I believe social change requires both passion and a method. Rachel played a significant role in working with Women's Link to develop such a method to professionalize the organization's board development and fundraising efforts. I am truly grateful for what I have learned from her.”

Mónica Roa     
Vice-president of Strategy & External Relations, 2005-2016     
Women’s Link Worldwide     
Strategic Consultant on rights, justice, & equality     

"I first met Rachel when she began working as a fundraising and board development consultant with our mutual client, Women's Link Worldwide.  Since then, I have observed how Rachel has helped this organization and the others that she serves create and build the foundation for their successful development department staffing and fundraising; strengthen and professionalize their boards; and integrate their development functions with their program and communication efforts.  Due to her impressive professional history and her extensive knowledge and experience in the world of fundraising and organizational structure, Rachel is able to guide the not-for-profit groups and the philanthropists who fund them to the next level of growth, all the while empowering the groups and their funders through her counsel.  Rachel is a pleasure to collaborate with and I strongly recommend her services."

— Barbara BeckerPrincipal, EqualShot
Strategic Communications Consultant

"Rachel, you guided our staff to a place of strategic clarity.  I can't tell you how helpful your trainings, practical advice, thought-partnership, and line of questioning have been for me and the U.S.-based team. You were able to both work with us on the big-picture and also walk-through the granular. With your partnership, we were able to find a path and a strategy to take us forward.   I consider one of my contributions to Teach For China the very act of bringing you on to help. I know the team feels more grounded and confident through their work with you. On a personal note, I have come to you for candid discussion, gut-checks, advice, and ideas, and I feel lucky to be able to call you a mentor."

— Sarabeth BermanVice President, Development and Communications, 2010-2013
Teach For China
Vice President, Public Affairs, Teach For All

“It was terrific to go through the timeline with you. Thank you for this incredible, practical document, the result of our work together. I look forward to using it!  It has been a joy to get to know you and work with you. Thank you for your wise, sensitive, devoted counsel for Ping Pong Productions' fundraising plans. I am happy that you now know our organization so well, and I look forward to being in touch in the future.”

Alison M. Friedman 
Executive & Creative Director/Founder, 2010-2017
Ping Pong Productions
Artistic Director, Performing Arts
West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Hong Kong


"In addition to being a lovely and gracious person, Rachel Weintraub is a consummate professional. She does something with apparent ease that most people in the NGO world find difficult: ensuring the ability of boards and staff to fundraise effectively. Rachel is strategic and thoughtful in pursuing organizational goals, and understands how essential good communications and management are to the success of NGOs. She's a gem."

— Rona Peligal
Deputy Director Development, 2002-2008
Human Rights Watch
Vice President for Development and Communication
The Fund for Global Human Rights

"Rachel, please know how much you helped us and how much I appreciated being able to call you – for advice, commiserating, and gut checks.  That advice was always spot-on, but also pushed me forward to the next feat to be conquered.  You knew what we’d be facing down the line and you prepared us (particularly me!) brilliantly. You created a space to try out ideas and fit different puzzle pieces together that would work for our organization, but I always knew I was safe within your master development plan and expertise."

Sarah Holewinski, Executive Director
Center for Civilians in Conflict,
Deputy Chief of Staff, US Mission to the UN
Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

"I have known Rachel Weintraub since 1989 when we met during a Human Rights Watch Monitors dinner, and over the years at various other events she was directing for HRW. I was always amazed by her ability to connect people, always in a very gracious and interesting way. Working with her as a consultant since then, Rachel’s counsel helped the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF) in formulating a variety of fundraising strategies for our work and obtaining funds. We have appreciated her ability to think of the field from several different angles, and in leading us to consider new sources or approaches to donors. Her advice was always incisive, clearly laid out, and consistently offered useful insight into the intricacies of the fundraising world. Rachel’s work with EAAF left us very satisfied."

— Mercedes Doretti, Founding Member & New York Senior Investigator      
Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF)      

"During Rachel Weintraub’s work with NLRIH, she served primarily as the organization’s Fundraising and Board Development Counsel, but was also engaged to provide her expertise and counsel during our Executive Transition and Strategic Planning processes. She has lent her expertise through very critical times for the organization, including the rethinking and restructuring of our Development department and coaching senior and new staff. Rachel supported my growth and understanding of fundraising and Board relations, as I transitioned from a Program Director to Deputy Director. In addition, her Board Study provided us with recommendations, many of which we’ve since implemented with her support, thereby making significant contributions to the transformation of our Board. Rachel is easily accessible, flexible and is a pleasure to work with. Working with her was instrumental to our organization’s success."

Maria Elena Perez, Deputy Director, 2012-2013, Interim Executive Director, 2011
Director of Community Mobilization, 2008-2010

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
Director of Policy and Strategic Partnerships, NIRH